Corruption, Congress, Ramdev and other evils…

The present Government of India and Congress has it’s head sunk deep in corruption and we can’t depend on them to take initiative and do something pro-active against corruption or black money anytime soon. Some one had to incite them to make them have to do something about it. Now you wouldn’t do that would you? You have a 9 to 5 job, 2 school going children to look after and a cousin knee deep in corruption who sends you expensive gifts every Diwali. You have no time or motivation to do anything about corruption except talking about it every now and then with friends after couple of drinks. I won’t do it either as I am here away from India and all I can do is write a few words and surely wouldn’t have done any better if I was there.
Some one had to go mental to take a stand and make it big enough to actually attract some attention. An old man stripping in pension office looks good in Munnabhai movie but it wouldn’t gather fifty thousand supporters and massive media attraction that is required for any large movement against the ruling government. Someone crazy, eccentric would have to do it, and as these are not the times of Mahatma Gandhi when we could expect that crazy eccentric person with huge fan following could be pure of cause and conscience. We will have to do with Ramdev.
Ramdev is certainly controversial at the most conservative description, and a crook if you want to get some stir. A yoga teacher who grew big by hitting the right nerve at the right time- a movement to popularise Yoga, Ayurveda and glory of ancient Indian wisdom to the masses of India through popular media of Television. He has always maintained a sense of being a proud Hindu religious person without actually spitting any venom at other religions. He maintained a secular facade with yoga and national pride being his selling points. if being on TV for one hour every day could make Smruti Irani popular enough to be a politician and give her hopes to be a member of Parliament, being on TV for a few hours every day with no Saas to antagonise him and claiming to treat all the world’s ailments by just bending a few joints of your body awkwardly and breathing funny could sure make Ramdev popular enough to kindle hopes of being a Neta in his mind. He had made his political aspirations clear long ago- but may be we didn’t take him seriously then as he also claimed that he can make people HBsAg negative and cure their various cancers that the evil modern medicine refused to work against in the previous breath.
Ramdev would have been a perfect ally for the Congress- a secular hindu public leader- would contradict the fascist hinduism of BJP and make Congress appeal to everyone- and Ramdev kept this option wide open by not foul-mouthing Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh until the crackdown on his fasts. He gathered leaders from various religions on the stage with him, distanced himself from the BJP and RSS alliance on his first day and stuck to his cause of being against corruption and bringing black money. He must have made a deal with the government as Kapil Sibbal proved with a chit from Balkrishan (Ramdev’s closest allly) as he saw his opportunity coming- but he didn’t stand by his deal of wrapping up his movement early because he wanted his moment under the sun. He could have stuck to the deal and wound everything up and found an exit in a day or two- but the Government negotiators didn’t trust him- and took a step of having a police crackdown at an odd hour of night and this made a turning point for Ramdev where he started being outright anti-Congress and then the Cause was put onto a sideline and anti-personal mudslinging started.
Once upon a time in Ramlila maidan..
A huge crowd that was protesting peacefully in a public venue was attacked in violent fashion by the Delhi Police under instruction from the Central Government of India past midnight. The leading Baba fled in women’s clothes thinking it was a plot for killing him, eventually apprehended by the police and sent off from the capital with instruction to not return.
Ramdev returned to his Ashram, and lost his mind- started foul mouthing the Government, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi openly- which he had refrained from so far. He also foolishly declared he will build a trained armed group so he doesn’t get bullied again.
Government was successful in turning this halfwit with a clear sense of purpose into a complete nutter without any sense of direction.
The one strong movement against corruption in India was broken and ridiculed by the Government with an air of tyranny. Some raised a hue and a cry- but all the Government had to say about this was- “we had to do this because we had a deal with Ramdev and he didn’t stand up to it”, “we can accommodate, but we also know how to rein in” and finally, “we were left with no choice.”
The supreme court felt a need to reassure the public that some sense of accountability is still expected from the system- and asked for an explanation from the Delhi Police, and they came up with all the fantastic causes
– They had permission for 5000 but gathered 50,000- so we had to Lathicharge them past midnight.
– They had permission for Yoga camp, but they didn’t eat, and talked some politics- so we had to Lathicharge them past midnight.
– We had doubts terrorists may attack this gathering- so we had to Lathicharge them past midnight and be there before the terrorists.
Thank heavens Delhi Police didn’t have information about 26/11 or they’d have chosen to come out in Mumbai and shoot randomly at everyone before the terrorists so it.
When crowds protest against Gaddafi in Libya, he orders their annihilation- and this attracts international attention and NATO forces because he is a Tyrant leader of a Muslim country. When the Reigning Government of India commands violent ill-timed action against peaceful crowd gathered for a just cause- the international society is just going to say- ‘its internal matter of India’ because on all technical terms, this is a democratically elected government in a secular India and is acting within it’s rights. My Foot!!
So now we know- If you stand up against a reigning Government with a just cause in peaceful ways of Gandhi that this nation was built upon-
  • You will be beaten at awkward hours
  • You will be ridiculed
  • Your whole life and character will be questioned
  • You will be forced to loose your mind and turn into a nutter
Since Mahatma Gandhi castrated India, the only valid way of protesting was to sit around in groups fasting- and you’re not even allowed that anymore.
You were not doing anything about the rotten system because you were Complacent, now they’ve made sure you don’t do anything about the rotten system because you are Afraid and Complacent.
Chinese authorities told their people to shut up and bear it- or they’ll be crushed in Tinanmen square. Indian Government has told us now to shut op and bear them- or we’ll be lathicharged in Ramlila maidans.
Congratulate yourself, you are living in the biggest democracy in the world.
Government v/s Ramdev- war to be lesser evil
Government says:
  • Ramdev is a liar and a thug and he didn’t honour the deal he made with the Government
Why was the elected national Government of India cracking deals with a Thug and a Cheat?  What was Government’s incentive behind telling him to wind up his movement against corruption?
  • Ramdev is being supported by BJP and RSS
BJP is a national political party, and RSS a social organisation- though of doubtful nature- they are not Foreign forces or Terrorist organisations. What is wrong if they have supported Ramdev? They are the Opposition to the government and this is what they are supposed to do in a democracy- oppose the inappropriate steps of the Government.
  • Ramdev has Political motives
Well, Doesn’t Congresss have any political motives?
  • Ramdev has illegally amassed wealth and land in India and abroad
You are the Government. If Ramdev has illegally amassed wealth, why go and cry to the newspapers and TV channels? Why don’t you get his accounts and put him behind the bars? If he has illegally acquired land, why can’t you reacquire the land and give it to whom it belongs? 
  • Ramdev’s close ally Balkishan is a Nepalese fugitive without valid Indian passport and is absconding from law in India too.
This guy Balkishan has been in public limelight for years. Why did the Government wake up just now? If he is a fugitive and criminal- what are the charges against him? Balkishan is 99% shareholder in the Aastha TV channel- how can an international fugitive own a TV channel in India? Did the system fail?  Did he pay fat bribes to not be bothered so far? Did you- the Government- take those bribes and comply with it and let him have a TV channel on air in India? 
Balkishan re-appeared in public eye 3rd day after he went missing- why didn’t the police go ahead and arrest him then?
The way the Government run the show was completely a farce.
The Telecommunications and Human Resources minister (Kapil Sibbal) was running the show of blocking a random yogi from protesting against corruption. How is this his realm?
The Finance minister (Pranab Mukerjea) kept jumping in the show- Is the corruption and Black money in overseas bank a Finance ministry issue? It is more of a Home ministry and Foreign relations departments who should be working on how to deal with corruption and policy agreements with other countries regarding black money. We didn’t see Mr. Chidambaram taking any direct action until the dust had settled. The Prime Minister- Manmohan Singh and the Grand Master- Sonia Gandhi and the self-proclaimed Yuvraaj of India- Rahul Gandhi were nowhere to be seen or found to comment on the situation or give their views on why it all happened.
The Public’s take
The Educated of India think it is in fashion to denounce Ramdev and his movement because he is a jerk with political ambitions.
I say- 
Ramdev is a clown- yoga is good and a respectable thing but he has been claiming to treat HIV and Hep B and Cancers with yoga- which firstly is a load of bullshit, and secondly harmful to the poor man who wants to try it in false hopes and delays time for Proper treatments. 
On anticorruption movement, he was commendable in taking an initiative and doing something about everyone else just talks at Pan Shop. May be he was trying out to see if he has any political future- but in the way he started something good. Congress and Government were exposed about being corrupt, autocratic and non-trustworthy.
Who says that if one is bit as pure of purpose as Gandhi can’t ask the right question to the government and lead the right protest? The government should be answerable even if Bhikhu Mhatre asks them to act against corruption. 
I’d support Chunky Pandey as a leader if he starts a proper fight against corruption. The cause is important, the person is immaterial. You only have to support him when he is standing for the right cause- and if say the next day he comes at your doorstep begging for vote- it’s entirely up to you to vote for him or not. The fact that you support his movement against corruption doesn’t mean you have to make him the next prime minister of India.
You’d like something being done, but if you want to wait for a noble knight in shining armour free of blemishes to come and deliver you from your oddities without wielding a sword or askance in return- you are in your Wonderland.
Gandhi is not coming back. We will have to do with likes of Ramdev.
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