Rahulbaba PM banega? Allee le leee! How Cute!!!!

Almost every minute there is an argument going on something like this somewhere in India
1: Hey- Tere sadiyal Cycle yaha se hata
2: Kyon? Ye sadak tere Baap ki hai?
1: Nahi to kya Tere Baap ki hai?
2: Aeeyyy– Saaale, Baap pe jaata hai….??!!@#$#%
Dhishoom Dhisoom…..
This link posted on Facebook from a friend started this conversation.
Bhavin Jadav:
Why don’t we just have Digvijay Singh as PM? He has more years of experience.
Why don’t we have Hrithik Roshan as PM?- He is the better looking one.
Let’s have Chandrasekhar/ H.D. Deve Gowda/ V.P. Singh’s sons as PM- it runs in their blood as well.
You could consider Parwez Musharraf as the PM of India- he too has half Indian ancestry just like Rahul Gandhi.
Let’s have Kamaal Rashid Khan/ Rakhi Sawant/ Mallika Sherawat as our PM- at least they have an opinion about everything and the balls to say it out to everyone and doesn’t hide away when its time to face the public.
We can find the heirs of late BahadurShah Zafar- Their dynasty had India before Gandhi dynasty.
Or we can make Varun Gandhi our PM- as he is Gandhi too. On that note- we had one Chirkut Gandhi with me in Class 3- he could be our next PM.
I know another friend who Dropped out of Uni as well-because he couldn’t handle higher studies- may be he’ll be fit to run the PM office!
The Other Guy:
money abroad was not stashed away within last 7 years during recession…it was by all political parties..Someone who cud hv chosen to be prime minister before 2 years in 2009 when congress was elected as ruling party he cud hv accepted it …
but he did nt.may be this is the time …in BJP there are internal conflicts to be 1st option as candidate for prime minister as they all want to be PM AND but of course its not going to happen for BJP to win…Anyways we as Indians do not want some one 60 years old now to take the responsibility……
BJP has internal conflict- so Congress is better because they seem pretty damn well united to protect Corruption.
Rahul said No to being a minister- that makes him best candidate to be Prime Minister! Just like a wedding guest be treated- “Arre, aapne to jalebi lee hi nahi? Ye lijiye- ab hum aapko ye laddu khaye bina nahi jaane denge!”
Rahul didn’t send any money abroad- he only brought money back form his parents’ account for his Pocket money. 
We don’t want a 60 years old PM- we want to try and let this 41 yrs old non-graduate who has had no responsibility or experience in governance run this country. We’re tired of Old fools- let’s try some good looking young novices because there’s shortage of leadership talent outside if Gandhi family in this country of 120 Crore.
The Other Guy:
comparing prime minister’s position wth jalebis is nt goin to help sir…within 5 years many things change and nobody will ever take chance tht i will b prime minister next time this time u go ahead…why bjp is dying to cm back in power ....because they want to serve country???:)))…they want to enjoy tht power n will not miss even a chance to eat those jalebies…fir moka mile na mile….people like us who r graduated wont jump into politics ..we will earn gud money whole day n write comments at night tht nothing is going to change for this lovely country…to run country of 130 crore is not easy wth opposition just trying to get into power…gujarat we all gujrati know is highly corrupt state and was developed since my understanding but still modi is getting credit…????for what..for being gud speaker???…sorry as en educated person cant ever accept it…from “mara gujratio ” thi ” mere gujratio”gives lot of hint sir…
When someone is against Rahul as PM, why does everyone else automatically start criticizing N Modi?
May be it’s because he is the first alternative -if not the best-that comes to your mind.
Rahul wasn’t offered PM seat in 2009- he was offered a Minister’s office. He didn’t accept saying he wasn’t ready yet and would like to gain some experience with the Party. Good decision on his part.
Was he refusing the Minister position so he can be made straight into a PM? So he didn’t have to face the risk of being marked a failure as a minister? Who knows!
If he wasn’t mature or experienced enough in 2009 to be even a Minister or hold any Cabinet position, what has happened in 2 years that he’s suddenly mature and experienced enough to be a PM of the biggest democracy of the world?
Universities don’t give you a degree in 2 years. You don’t become a competent doctor who can run own hospital in 2 years.
A clerk doesn’t get promoted to Head Clerk in a government office in 2 years.
But he can become a PM in 2 years because his family has a birthright on this country.
The Opposition party that wants to come in power is not an Evil thing. This not the imperial times when there will be a King and a Yuvraaj and if the a courtesan wants to throw them over and take kingdom he was the bad guy. This us democracy. Every party has a right to run the Government if they prove themselves by getting elected.
You think Congress is doing this just for the love of the nation and not for the power? We have a Prime Minister (MMS) and a Home Minister (Chidambaram) who didn’t even get elected as MPs.
If Congress comes wants to really groom him as a PM, go ahead and make him a Cabinet Minister first- in a responsible position like Railways or Finance- not one of those where you can’t do anything noticeably wrong like Small Scale industries and such. If congress is jumping to make his birthday into Kisaan Divas- make him Agriculture minister and see what green revolution he brings to the country- not just waiving all the loans for the So Called Kisaans for tax purposes.
Modi has the ghosts of post- Godhra riots that will haunt him for the rest of his life. But- one has to believe everything he’s done since has been right.
Gujarat was always good and prosperous- and he’s brought it forwards from there- which is an achievement. To start from a bad place and make it a little better is easy- to take a Good thing and make it even better is tough. When Modi promotes industrialization and development in Gujarat- he gets widely criticized- when C. Naidu follows suit in A.P. Or Nitish Kumar in Bihar or Mamta Beneejee in W.Bengal following Modi’s model of strict governance and industrialization- they are appreciated.
Gujarat isn’t free of corruption- but it’s better by a thousand yards as compared to rest of India. You can still get your passports within acceptable time. You can go to a police station without being afraid that you’ll be robbed or raped in the station itself. You can go to late night show of a movie and there will be ladies of all ages there without the fear of being abducted on their way home. You can say ‘Modi is a communal bastard’ out loud in a public place without the fear of being killed before the next morning.
If you think the post -Godhra riots have made life difficult for Muslims of Gujarat or made them the Oppressed in anyways- you can check the statistics to see if any significant number if them moved out of Gujarat since then. If you still have your doubts, just pay a visit to Juhapura, Shahpur, Jamaalpur, Kalupur Darwaza area and cry out loud-“Muslims are to be oppressed in Gujarat” and see what happens to you.
Anyways– Rahulbaba, Ye India aapke Baap ki hai. Aaao PM Ban jao… Nahi to Diggy bura maan jayega!

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