Stop the bloody reservation!

     Stop the Reservation in education in India. I say Stop the bloody Reservation!
    Ya, I know- I belong to a Scheduled Caste and probably if there was no reservation to show a hope towards a better life my father wouldn’t have been sent to a school and have college education all those years ago- and resultantly I wouldn’t have been the orthopaedic surgeon working in Australia, and may be we all would still be in the small village in Saurashtra where the majority of population is of farmers and cow-herders believing themselves to be superior to us by birthright and forbidding us to walk over the part of the street where their shadow falls whiling our lives away. I for once shouldn’t be against reservation- but strangely enough I am. and if you finish reading this, you too may get my drift.
     The casteism was practised in India for thousands of years- from times of Manusmruti-  and the lower castes were oppressed, humiliated and denied any chance at education, dignity or life-choices, but  what is the need for reservation in the present day India? Agree that the prejudice against the so called Lower castes and the denial to them of basic human rights of dignity, education and hope for a better life has prevailed for thousands of years- but then didn’t the reservation for 60 years reverse all the mistakes and put the oppressed castes at the same levels as the so called Upper castes? Why punish the present day Upper casters by giving a chance at equality to the Lower casters? It was not the fault of Today’s upper casters that today’s lower casters are not social, educational, economic and cultural equivalents of them. The 60 years of reservation must have bettered the socio-economic levels of the lower castes to some extent as compared to what they were before independence- isn’t the present status good enough for them? What do they still want? A truly equal status? Idiots! I say Stop the Reservation.
     The census of India in 2001 says that 16% population of India belongs to Scheduled Caste and further 8% to Scheduled Tribes. This together makes around 24 Million of Indian population. 
     And if we take the most populous state of India- Uttar Pradesh- as the representative state, only 3% of them make it up to Graduate level and among them 0.1% make to Technical education- despite the fact that almost 33% of them start going to school. 
     The reasons for this significantly high dropout rate? Poverty, and hardships faced during education obviously and the only answer to poverty is Education. What else may be the reason for starting to have an education but not to follow it through to a meaningful end? 
So if only 3% of the 24% population makes it to College- but I say why should even 3% of these lowly caste go to college? Why make only 97% of the college education opportunities available to the 76% of the remainder of population? Why? Why should we have reservation? Stop the Reservation!
     They say- there is no prejudice or casteist practises in the present day India- why do the lower castes still want reservation? I almost agreed to them- but then I remembered from personal experiences how my father was forbidden from buying a certain house about 7 years ago in Ahmedabad because the builder said they aimed at filling the flat with Patels and Shahs and having us in the same building will devaluate the property. Sure I agree- which self respecting Patel/Shah/Pandya in his right mind would want to live in the same building as a senior nationalised bank officer with three children who are all doctors? 
     But this may be once off problem and personal issues- I was almost sure that caste based discrimination has died away years ago in the country and no-one oppresses or separates anyone by caste these days. May be the politicians do- but the common man doesn’t. And then I stumbled upon some news items..
  • Villagers are refused water from a well in Tamilnadu.
  • A Kali temple in Orissa openly denies entry to ‘Dalits’ and Government can’t really do anything about it!
  • Parents of students oppose to Someone working in school kitchen because that Someone is from a Lower Caste and the students shouldn’t have to eat food prepared by a ‘Dalit’
  • A mob of upper caste attacks, kills people and burns houses of ‘Lower Caste’ in a village- forcing mass exodus of the caste from the village. Police doesn’t take any action. Issue is only acted upon after Supreme Court intervenes. The trigger for this Genocide and forced Exodus is not several people burnt in a train- but a stray dog but this issue isn’t given major weight in major newspaper/ TV news because Muslims are not involved. It’s just Hindus fighting among themselves.
  • International media- and not only sensation focussed news channels but serious social/ geographic reporting media like National Geographic magazine has a better insight in the issue than most of the English language media of the country
     And mind you- these news are not from 1947- all these headlines are from 2010 and after.
     Well, may be these are incidences involving less educated and less intelligent sections of society including those of right wing religious fascists- I was almost convinced that the thinking of more educated upper casters would be different and more tolerant- but then I noticed these…
  • A Member of Parliament of India is denied entry into a temple
  • The staff under a high ranking Govt Official from a low caste thinks he has violated and contaminated the office- and they had to re-chastise and cleanse the office with Gomutra (Cow Urine) when he retires.
     Well- seems that having some education and moving up in life doesn’t guarantee you equality if you’re born a Dalit in India. You do have to be constantly aware of being a low caster—- so what is the bloody point of being educated or being on respectable positions in life? Stop the bloody reservation and let them be at their rightful place!
     Its not an easy life getting into an educational institute on a reserved seat- you are constantly judged and every failure/ underperformance you may face will be blamed on you being undeserving of the chance you were given and you will be reminded why you shouldn’t be here but someone from another caste should. Some poor soul may take this so heavily….
     If this boy didn’t have hopes of being an AIIMS trained doctor and instead contended himself in staying back in his village and cleaning streets he would still be alive. I say, Stop the bloody reservation!
     And where did this stupid idea of reservation came from? Where in the world except India would you find such practises that are supposed to give equal opportunities to those who were clearly destined by the mighty Gods to remain as low-lives and thus were designed to have low IQs? I was almost sure there won’t by any other country in the world stupid enough to have such provisions- but bloody Wikipaedia differs from me.
     The practise of reservation surely affects the large part of society- as its due to reservation that people who may not deserve get into medical or engineering colleges and then India has to have sub-standard doctors and engineers. They have different lower cut-off levels for requisite marks in medical/ engineering colleges which I strongly am against. If a Brahmin can’t  be eligible to apply to medical college if he doesn’t have more than 60% marks atleast, why should an ST student be allowed with 50% minimum marks? Lowering of the lowest standards is sure not acceptable. But once they get into the medical college- what happens then? The system really wants them to turn into sub-standard doctors I believe- do they let them Pass out of MBBS exams at lower marks than upper casters too? hmmmm…. 
     And what good is it going to be if someone manages to pass all the exams well and earn themselves a degree? When I want to work as an Orthopaedic surgeon in Ahmedabad, I have to always consider that the patient or the employing hospital will think that I am not a good enough surgeon because I must have got this degree by just being an SC. This constant prejudiced judgement is what forces many from such castes to change their surnames to non-identifiable ones. I chose not to change my identity but to go abroad and work in Australia where I will be appreciated for my work and ability and not by my caste.
     And not just me- I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of upper caste students who are forced to go to USA, Australia, UK, Canada and other such countries- clearly against their will for no other reasons but that someone from a lower caste got into the B J Medical College and he couldn’t. Why would anyone go to such countries? Do you think they are emmigrating by choice? For better money, better conversion rates and better westernised life? I am sure they are forced to go abroad- all of them- because India is going to dogs and bloody low-castes are getting into higher education here. I am convinced that if you stop the reservation,  no one from upper caste will ever go abroad. Its just because of the evil of reservation in elite institute of India that they have to go ahead and take admission into any crook university in any crook country to get a great education.  Bloody low casters are lowering the standards of Indian education in medical and engineering streams and that’s why everyone else has to go to Russia or China to become a doctor with High Standards.
      The upper caste candidates are left with no choice- sometimes they have to get into private colleges with high fees and low standards to get medical/ engineering/ technical qualifications paying high capitation fees- but this is not as big a problem for maintenance of standards of education- because most of these rich-elite are upper caste students with their superior IQs and abilities and they sure will turn out to become great doctors and engineers wherever they study.  
They even have to fake their castes and get into the quota reserved for lower castes by getting falsified certificates of caste/ of being in certain financial strata of society- but why should this be a concern? This after all is an evil erupting out of the very system of reservation- isn’t it?
     Removing reservation will be a great milestone for India’s development as a country. But I don’t think it’s going to happen while the Government wants to run another census in 2011 to count the population based on castes. Removing reservation will be possible when specifying caste will not be required anywhere at all. When the School Leaving certificates will not bear the students’ Religion and Caste; when no one will ask anyone else “what caste are you?” before sharing food, granting entry in one’s house or temple or before agreeing to their daughter wedding to this random guy.
     I am waiting eagerly for the day the reservation will be stopped.
     Stop the bloody reservation now- I say!

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