The poor get on with life…

Gujarat Riots……. and the poor get on with life;

Mumbai Blasts……..and the poor get in with life;

Anna Protests…….and the poor get on with life!

Spirit of India? You bet! Indians have long learned to call their helplessness as their Resilient Spirit.

This article rankles the heart- talk about the Focus on the issue.

Yes- there’s a kid who needs to polish shoes out there in Delhi. Yes- there are beggars in street who don’t care who rules the country or who is a correspondent for Reuters in the crowd.

What are they supposed to do?
What is your point?
Mr. Matthias Williams tries to mimic a little of Boyle and write a Slumdog Millionaire on the Anti-graft movement here?

The poor will get on with their lives- because they don’t have a frickkin’ option. This is a wide known fact- and this is the fact that guides a lot of Indian Government’s tactics in handling sensitive issues- like corruption this time. If a protest happens on the day it’s supposed to happen, it’d have it’s full strength- if they retard the things a little by throwing in a little bit of police, a little bit of parliamentary drama, a little bit of their own mental retardation- they get to delay the issues for 3-5 days- and by that time guess what? ….The poor get on with life!