To Anna or not to Anna?

I know the Janlokpal is not the answer, I ask you, bring me one- because we badly need one that works.
As our ‘Beloved’ President Pratibha Tai said “Corruption is the cancer of India” and I know Lokpal is not the cure- but may be it’s a part of therapy. If it is not- I beg you bring me some other therapy that works. Cause I am not ready to accept that this cancer in India has reached to the stage where hope for cure is to be lost and all you can aim for is palliation. India is too young to die of malignant corruption. 
Sure the Janlokpal draft is crude- it’s been drafted by non-experts of constitutional matters, but you can’t deny the general direction is fair and acceptable. The whole ‘Intellectual’ think-tank of India is busy rubbishing Anna and his draft- saying that there are already enough laws against corruption.
The fact is- they are not working- the implementation of these laws is jeopardised by the limitations- intentional or not- of th present system. Having an extra watch-dog may see some more implementation happening.
By the way the things are going, no body seems to think they’re accountable for their actions in India anymore. CBI blunders, Ministry scams right under PM’s nose, Hassan Ali’s, Kalmadis, Rajas, The situation has come to a point that India can’t wait till the ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharate……” prophecy comes true and we see a highly intelligent, politically correct person of pure intentions to come and represent us. The fact that India agrees to support Ramdevs and Annas points to the fact that these are desperate times.
Why doesn’t the intellectual think-tank of India spare some time and energy from rubbishing Anna and his draft, and sit down and modify it to be more practicable and implementable?

I check my Twitter time-line and the media discussions in India and the trend I palpate that I am sure everyone else also does but for some reason doesn’t discuss is that each and every person who is sharply and clearly against Anna is one who’s had his fair share in life and are happy with the Status-Quo. They don’t want the present situation meddled with lest the waters get muddy and they be affected too. Movie moguls, Alcohol barons, Industry giants, Political leaders in power, Journalists, Elite socialists- these are the voices against Anna. Voice of India-huh? And unfortunately this is the face of India that matters when it comes to Twitter and Facebook and Media representation of how things are in India to the rest of the world- and the rest of the world hence believes the sovereign Government of India is just facing another fool.

Why won’t the government of India dare to send the Law minister with his Secretariat to have an open forum- media attended debate on the best Lokpal draft? If the Govt’s bill is really superior and more logical than Anna’s they can thus convince the Janta of India of the same by doing this, and at the same time bring down Anna’s balloon. Instead of this they are engaging into personal attacks, character assassination and finally detention and tyranny.
What is even more shameful is that after such events- of Ramlila Maidan or Anna’s detention, the PM, Home Minister or any other UPA leader comes forward and takes responsibility for these actions being a result of their decision. It’s all dumped on the Police- because police is the easy scapegoat. Police is already below lowest expectations of morality and no further damage can be done to their reputation in India anymore.

PM Manmohan Singh had no option but utter the problem of corruption in his Independence day speech (15th August 2011), but even he shamelessly politicised the independence day speech by saying there were ‘Alleged’ charges of corruption against some of the central Government authorities, but in the same breath mentioning ‘Some State Governments’ too. Also he made it a point to say that ‘Fasting’ is not going to be allowed to work.

If the draft doesn’t FIT into the constitution- why can’t we make amends? The constitution isn’t a holy scripture delivered by gods from heaven. It is a wide known fact that the constitution has many basic flaws. When known corrupts and criminal history-sheeters like Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Paswan, almost everyone from Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Lalu, Mulayam etc etc can’t be kept away from power with a clause from the constitution, it clearly is time to make major amends in the constitution itself. This constitution allows us to have a Prime Minister that we never elected and a Home Minister that we never elected and both be ‘guided’ by a lady of foreign descent. This constitution allows the central Government to replace the tainted Raja to be replaced only by another member the same alliance-party recommends. This constitution allows Yeddiurappa when convicted of illegal mining to just walk out of his CM position and nominate his successor. This constitution allows Saiyad Ali Shah Geelani to shout “Hum Sab Pakistani hain, Pakistan Hamara hai” in a public arena without fearing Government action or being convicted and tried as a national traitor. There is something wrong with this constitution- a timely change can help.

This Government is not ruling on clear public choice- or ‘Janaadesh’ as they refer it to. It is clearly running on Apathy. Having been ruled, molested and looted by invaders for centuries, Indian psyche has developed an indifference to who rules them and what they take away from  them. We have learned to mind our own business so far as we get through our own day. We have learned to not ask questions to the authorities. We have learned to not cry when we’re denied the toys we want. We are used to seeing that both the candidates that are asking for our vote are evil in some ways- and thus we don’t care who we vote for. 
Forget Lokpal, if this Anna movement brings about some change to this horrible apathy and complacence of the public psyche of India, it will be a huge win for India.

The tactics of the Government when they Lathicharge Ramdev and detain Anna send a clear message to the Indian Janta:
-“Fall in line, Do as you’re told, Don’t ask for anything more than we like to give you, Don’t raise your voice; cause if you do, we will ridicule you, demoralise you, assassinate your character, let the CBI dogs after you, detain you, Lathicharge you and force you to cross-dress and flee the scene”



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