Stories from New Zealand

I had a net of 6 days of annual holidays left for the year, Radhika had her college summer vacations. We had to make the most of it, so we thought why not go to New Zealand? We won’t have gone too far and would still have seen another country.

Also, while checking out a new country why not check out a new way of travelling as well? So we decided to hire a Campervan for the first time ever to go around in NZ. It is quite a popular mode of travel in Australia and even more so in NZ may be. 
So we take off from Australia

And after a few hours we see this from the plane- and see its going to be great!

We arrived in Christchurch. You can see the effects of the recent massive earthquake and probably also on being a city on an earthquake prone zone in the background on the tree behind Radhika in the picture below. 

A marked gathering point near every major building in event of earthquake or other adverse events. When shall we have such simple but effective thinking and organisation in India?

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