Stories from New Zealand: Day 2

Day 2:

We had booked camper van with Apollo. It was a ‘Cheapa-Campa’ 2 berth. A manual geared diesel engine vehicle with bed for 2, shower and toilet, kitchen with microwave, oven and 3 burner stove and plenty of storage space. Was quite comfy until I actually tried Driving it. I learned quickly how I’ve been spoiled rotten by my automatic cars in Australia in last 3 years. It was hard as anything to drive this vehicle because of its size, very noisy initially- and then we got used to it. We decided to take it around for a drive towards the Diamond Harbor so we have a taste of driving this through difficult hilly terrain and at the same time we’re not too far from Christchurch on the first day just in case there were any technical troubles.

That’s the little home we had for a week, and as you can clearly see, I am concentrating while driving- which is very unlike me. Also, I refused to wear my driving glasses the first day as I wanted to keep my vision ‘Clear’ or may be I was just a bit too scared to start with.

The beautiful Diamond Harbor

We had our fair share of troubles initially, the engine stalled more than a couple of times going up the hills, but soon I realised the it was all my fault not finding the right gear ratio for the incline and I got a lot better by mid day.

We decided to hit back to the town, stock up for the trip ahead, and move on.
Shopping list consisted of:
Some toiletries, plenty of fruits, meat, breads, a good supply of water and other drinks etc- stowed quickly into the fridge and then by mid day we were on the route to the Greymouth via the famous Arthur’s Pass.


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