NZ Day 3: Pukekura

This little town of Pukekura has a permanent population of ‘2’. Yes, Two people.

Pete and Justine is the couple that live in this town and run all the facilities here. And no- its not just a little hut because only two people live here. Its a proper town. It’s got a restaurant serving Possum Pies (I don’t fancy that!), a bar, a few named streets, a Backpackers’ hostel, a Zoo, and the couple here assume the roles of local Law enforcement agents and maintenance and upkeep of cleanliness of the place too- and they do a pretty darn good job at it. They also ostensibly offer bank services but you might not like the terms.
At the entrance of the restaurant they suggest that you keep out if you don’t have a healthy sense of humour.
Pukekura in Maori language means Blue Mountain- that makes the backdrop of this quiet little settlement.
Entry into the town show’s its ‘Rustic’ charm
Not so sure about this Welcome Sign though!!
The Giant Sandfly Restaurant that serves the ‘Possum Pies’
The ‘Puke-Pub’ and it’s service hours and terms are interesting too
If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need some Forex, you may have to agree to the Bank of Pukekura terms. Take some time and read the exchange rates- you’ll thank the Bank of Pukekura for not dealing in Indian Rupees.
For all things official you go here- and the Administration is aptly located on…
The law enforcement agencies in Pukekura are rather stern.
The local Zoo has some levelly specimen though

2 thoughts on “NZ Day 3: Pukekura”

  1. Yes. The two people manage this town. Beautiful- isn't it? Although- 2 is the official permanent population here- they have backpackers etc coming over and staying there- but after all they are just tourists.

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