NZ Day 3: First look at the Glaciers

So we moved on from Pukekura leaving it’s temporarily doubled population to go back to normalcy.
We see some interestingly named towns around like this Hari Hari.
The NZ places have their names derived from the Maori legends. I didn’t try and find out what legend this Hari Hari name derives itself from, but I am sure it has no reference to the Indian Lord Krishna or the song ‘Hari tara naam chhe hazaar…’
On that thought, I think I described the  Lake Mahinapua on Radhika’s video as it would be by an Indian tour guide:
       “This Lake Mahinapua is ancient- from the  times of Mahabharata. Bhima met a beautiful Rakshashi (Demoness) Mahinapua here and found that she was thirsty, so Bhima dug up this lake”
The only thing that would go against my story would be that lake Mahinapua actually being a lagoon, would be full of brash water and not drinkable- but hey, who knows what’s a Demoness’ idea of a good drink? Do yo know how much of salt you loose when you have to work hard and hunt to feed a huge body?
Anyways- moving on, some cars (count 2) behind my camper van must have felt some relief as we came at this sign which we saw only 3-4 times I think:
Moving along we arrived at this small off-shoot road that brought us to the first peek at the distant glaciers and ice-capped mountain peaks. We were by the banks of the river that was flowing off the glaciers and there were some ruins of a bridge that some day was there.
And here we met The Alchemist

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