NZ Day 4: Fox glaciers

Morning of Day 4, we start our journey from the Franz Josef Glacier town to the Fox glacier. I had contacted the helicopter flight operators in the Fox Glacier town to check if I could book, but the guy said I can just check in the morning as the flights will depend on the condition of weather in the morning.
Well, Weather was on our side, it was a bright nice and sunny day contrary to the predictions as always. We dropped in to the fine little one street town of Fox Glacier and checked in for our little helicopter adventure there.
Here comes our little chopper…
As we go up in the air, first in front of our eyes are the high green mountains like a wall that we’re climbing slowly and then suddenly the icy peaks on the other side unveil themselves in front of our eyes, and then we see amazing views of the top of the Southern Alps ranges, the magnificent seven glaciers of the region and lastly the Franz Josef Glacier that we saw the previous day from the air. 
I am not going to waste more words here explaining the views to you, just have a look at the pictures and see for yourselves.

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