NZ Day 5: On the way to Milford Sound- The Mirror Lake

There are far too many of rain-forest walks, waterfalls, streams, lakes and lookout points on this way to list here, and to actually make most of it you’d have to stay on this route itself for a month at least. Well, we had half a day- so could only stop at a few select places.
Next one was the Mirror Lakes:
The lake is nestled in the middle of a few mountain peaks on all sides and hence in theory, there is hardly any breeze in the area- which is supposed to let the water in the lake stand perfectly still and give it a mirror-look. Unfortunately the time we reached there it was so windy in general, the lake was not perfectly still and not an actual mirror at the time. We just had to take the information boards for its words.
This beautiful bird was chirping sweetly and took a hard look around for a few minutes to locate it- and then through the branches and all this is the best shot I could conjure with my 250 lens. I so wish I had a bigger lens!
A native New Zealand duck:
If there was no wind, you’d see this view reflected in the lake below. For now, just use your imagination!
They also placed a board saying ‘Mirror Lake’ in mirror image so you could read it right in the reflection- when the lake really mirrored.
Further along was all very high mountain passes, curvy drives and steep slopes very hard to manoeuvre with my manual van, and so little or no space by the sides at all to stop and take pictures- so for a while I just concentrated on the driving until we were asked to slow down and stop because of some road-works. Now when the ‘STOP’ sign is displayed like this, who’d disobey? ;-P

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