NZ Day 5: The Milford Sound- the waterfalls & the seals

A bit closer to the huge mountainous walls, and we see the melting glaciers forming into streams and waterfalls and falling straight into the sea. Being in the boat below them gives an amazing point of view from the lower end of the waterfalls and the unbelievably gusty winds make sure that the water-falls don’t actually fall vertically down- so I could stand under the waterfall on the deck of the boat and take pictures over the top without worrying about getting my camera wet- well, I cheated a bit and stayed close to the wall in the wind-shade area of course!

Getting under the fall, with the sun obliquely above us gave distinct light-flares through the pictures.

This next one is a poor picture- all shaky due to me being in the boat, massive winds and fear of water dropping on my camera, but gives the idea of the place

A bit further and we see the New Zealand fur seals or sea-lions lazing it off in the sun on the rocks for the day


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