NZ Day 5: Back from The Milford Sound to Queenstown

Coming back from the Milford Sound to Queenstown was just a chore I had to do, as this was a return journey through the same path we had already taken- so didn’t take many stops. Wanted to make it quick to the Queenstown and stay there couple of nights to make the most of it and have a bit of break there from the hectic driving schedule. 
Well, the chore ended up being quite scenic and interesting, and we ended up taking a few more stops thanplanned nevertheless to have a look around and take some pictures.

There is a tunnel though the mountains that you have to pass- and again just like all other bridges etc in New Zealand, this tunnel is for one-sided traffic only. This means you have to wait on one side for at least 15 minutes- as there are traffic lights at the tunnels that allow 15 minutes of traffic flow to each side in turns.

Just at the waiting side, we spotted another pair of Kea birds- these too as all of them were highly social and went right up to tourist’s vehicles expecting to be fed.

Also, near the waiting traffic parking, there was some dirty old snow- but hey, dirty or not- how often do you get to go and walk on the snow? So we went there anyways. The ‘Danger’ sign didn’t keep us- but I’d suggest don’t be so stupid to walk to the board- there might be a deep valley under the false flooring of thin ice that could crumble under you anytime.

Ofcourse there were more streams and more of those wildflowers around, and plenty of grazing cows and shy deer and jumping rabbits etc, but not everything stops a second so you could take pretty pictures.

We reached the long curvy drive by the lakesides and we knew just on the other side of this lakeside drive- about a couple of hours away more- is Queenstown


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