NZ day 6: Queenstown- views from up above

Just 5 minutes walking distance from our caravan park is the base of the cable-train to the top of the hill- you can go up there, wander around soak in the views of the lake and valley from the top angle, and if you don’t value your life and especially your ankles much, you can go tandem paragliding from here.

Walking along, this little road-side cafe with a lot of colour and attitude grabbed my attention:

A further along, and just by the side of the cable-car station there is the Kiwi wildlife park. They have some different species of Kiwi birds in near-normal habitat here- but I noticed they don’t allow cameras inside and so I avoided going in. Also, a bit pressed for time.

Got in the queue to get tickets and up the cable-cars we went. Its quite a steep one this…

And along the way while in the cable-car we saw this platform for bungee jumping. How would you like to be tied by a piece of rubber and flung from this platform into the jungle below? Exciting!!!! Isn’t it? You idiot!! Anyways, look beyond the platform and you have the first view of the magnificent lake nestled amongst the mountains.

Once at the top, you have plenty of panoramic views of the valley:

Yes, I am sure you noticed these two giant birds in the sky- they take off right from where I am standing at a cliff:

Three reasons why I didn’t do this:

1) This dude that was about to start jumping off looked like Kamaal R Khan

2)- This little monument someone had made at the take-off site looked like its a shrine of a paraglider that would’ve jumped off from here:

3)- This little bird advised me not to be a fool and try to mimic it:


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