NZ day 7: Below Zero: the ice-bar

Cookie Time:

Wandering around the streets first we found this shop of the Cookie Time series. Mr. Cookie Muncher standing at the doors lured us in with his charm and we just had to go in and bite into some cookies and get some for home for laters. They have a little digicam in the shop where  you can have your picture taken in the shop and they will e-mail it to you later.

This is the one I and Radhika got taken by the webcam in the shop:

Moved along a bit further and we found another place of interest:

Below Zero: The Ice Bar

This started the fashion of ice-bars in Queenstown and now there are at least 2 other bars like this. Everything in this bar is made of solid ice. The furniture, the bar set up, the show-pieces, the serving glasses and wait for it…….. even the fireplace!!!

They have to blow their air conditioners on so high at all the times to keep all this ice intact. Of course I didn’t want to ruin my DSLR and its lens by this extreme temperature change as it would have moisture condensation and lead to damp and blur in the lens initially and may be mould developing later. I just brought my little Sony point and shoot camera inside so I don’t worry much if its ruined. Well, it pulled through and nothing happened to it though!

The Bartender fixing up our drinks: The name of this cocktail escapes me now, but it was the more fiery sister of Bloody Mary.


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