NZ Day 8: Lake Tekapo

We were on our second last night-halt before we leave New Zealand, and we spend this night in this serene place in the middle of the South Island with wide open plains on one side and the towering Alps waving at us on the other side blocking the views of horizon.

We stay at the Lake Tekapo caravan park- right on the lake, there’s not a lot to do around here but that is just alright as by this time that is just what we want to do- rest, reflect over last few days in New Zealand and soak in the calm serenity of the place. Actually, as we found out just a little bit later- there are a couple of things to do and places to see around here- but we can do it tomorrow before we move on to Christchurch.
There is a frozen cloud nestled between two low peaks on the other side of the lake- this view is so unbelievably surreal!

We roasted up the Salmon we got fresh off the farm earlier today- believe me, it was amazing just lightly pan-fried with salt and butter and not much else added.

We woke up the next morning to a bright sunny but chilly morning over the lake, and a few visitors wishing us a very Good Morning


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