Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, South Australia

Adelaide to Hahndorf is a fairly routine drive for me and Radhika- just a short drive to the beautiful Adelaide hills and a pint of German weissbier  on the tap is quite a motivation. On one such drive just near Stirling once I noticed a signpost showing direction to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Naturally we had to take a detour that day and check this place out, and so glad we did.
A nice little natural basin amongst the hills has been turned into native forest through years of hard work by some conservationists and Australian native including many endangered species are accommodated in here. The area is divided into lakes, swamps, grasslands, tall trees and bush within the dense basin.

Entry is free between 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. everyday but the highlight is that you can stay overnight in cabins here for about 85$ per person. I booked in for us to stay one weekend night here recently and this includes a night-walk through the sanctuary to see rare nocturnal animals like Platypus.

The cabin
Radhika in front of the cabin

The cabins are wood and canvas basic ones with amenities and plenty of wallabies and kangaroos grazing around the cabin by evening. These are quite tame and used to humans and will keep playing around you very comfortably.

And there are some other marsupials apart from Kangaroos and Wallabies around as well:

A bandicoot (looks like rat but is actually a marsupial)


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