Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary: Birdlife

Continuation from last blogpost….

Some birds we spotted along in the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

Red Robin

Male Blue Wren
A Female Blue Wren

A Honey Eater

 A Cormorant

Bush- hen foraging the pond water

Now I don’t know every bird here!
Galah Cockatoo

Red browed Finch

A common male house sparrow

Rosella Parrot

 Rainbow Lorikeet
Common Bronzewing Pigeons

Red browed Finch



A Pacific black duck
Crested Pigeon

7 thoughts on “Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary: Birdlife”

  1. Hav u changed ur profession to ornithology by any chance?So many complicated names. All the birds were at their best, credit to photographer

  2. Well, I heard James Bond was an Ornithologist, so I though I should give it a try too. Actually, it just is an extension of the hobby of photography- once I had the pictures I developed curiosity of knowing who my model is and looked them up on the internet.

    1. Thanks for the praise, but I am far from being a bird-expert. I actually looked up these birds retrospectively after having taken their photographs.

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