Mango-chicken curry

     Summer is here and there are plenty of beautiful ripe Kensington Pride mangoes at the stalls all over the Central Market. It’d be a pity to not make the most of this and do something different with these beautiful fruits. Why not give the sweet heavenly mangoes a little savoury twist in a spicy chicken curry, eh?


Main ingredients:
-Chicken 2 marylands, divided and cut into medium sized pieces on bone.
-Mango. One, large ripe sweet mango. I’ve used Kensington Pride variety. Alfonso, Dasehri or Kesar in India could do as well, I believe.

In a large pot, pour cooking oil to cover the base. (I used Canola oil). As the oil heats up, simmer the first flavouring base agents:
Red onion- one, finely chopped
-Garlic– 4-5 large cloves
-Curry leaves– one strand
-Shahi jeera (black cumin) a tablespoonful
-Whole coriander seeds a tablespoonful

Keep stirring unti the onions and garlic take some golden brown colour.

At this time, add the chicken together with:

-Cardamon– 5 pods
-Cloves– 5-6 pieces
-Black pepper– 10-12
-Aniseed stars– 2

Keep stirring till the meat appears blanched. Then add:

-Turmeric powder– 1 teaspoonful
-Curry powder (cumin-coriander mix)– 4 teaspoonfuls (1 tablespoon)
-Red chilly powder– 1 teaspoonful (alter by the quality of the chilly and heat desired. Kashmiri/ Gondal chilly can be added in larger quantities for more generous flavour and colour without much heat. Use your experience with chilly)
-1 fresh green chilly and 1 fresh red chilly, coarsely sliced
-Vinegar 2 tablespoonfuls

Keep stirring to fold the spice mix well into the base.
Then add:

-Mango– one, whole, pureed.

Cover and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes

Garnish with green Coriander leaves and serve with rice/ roti/ naan as desired.