Of myths, and the myths about myth-busters…

A friend shared this interesting article over twitter.

“The myth of the murderous Muslim”- published on Al-Jazeera.

I thought why not share what kept coming to mind as I read the article! Let’s go…

the farther we move away from the September 11 terrorist attacks, the worse discrimination, prejudice and violence against Muslims become. 

There’s a simple enough reason for this: Islamophobia has become an industry

– Sounds a bit familiar; change Sept 11 to 2002 and Islamophobia to Modi-baiting and you’ve got something!

Islamophobia promotes a racialised view of Islam, viewing Arabs and Middle Easterners and Muslims generally as one interchangeable, subversive, homogenous mass

No Sir, Everyone knows Islam and related disturbances are not confined to the Arab and Middle-Eastern world; Africa, South Asia, Burma, Far east up to Thailand, Bali… the world knows them all.

The more likely an American is to know a Muslim, the more likely she is to have a positive view of Islam. Exposure undermines prejudice.

North Africa, Israel, India, most South Asia have been exposed to Islam for an eternity; I don’t see prejudice there ending in a hurry.

(Indeed, one of the best ways to fight Islamophobia is to give the bigots a microphone and let them keep talking. Their disturbing rhetoric will soon unsettle the overwhelming majority of people, who recoil from such extremism.)

Yes, I agree with this. We should start giving more opportunities to Owaisis, Geelanis, Zakir Husains etc to speak and the Raza Academy to stage some protests and let them expose their guts out to us all.

We are being asked to believe that jihadis killed, by the year 1600, more people than lived in South Asia in the year 1600

Ooh! That’s too harsh on you. Couldn’t be. Lets have a more realistic figure. not 270 million, may be half of that? One tenth? What’s the acceptable, not objectionable, amicable killing quota allowed to a religion before complaining is allowed, please?

Muslims were never more than a minority and Islam was never imposed by force. 

To this, the only thing I can say is “Ha fuckin’ Ha!” The author just kicked a self-goal by pitching this line in the same article: “Bigots make up history because actual history undermines them”. May be you yourself either have missed to read or chose to turn a blind eye on the history. Try and look up ‘Babur-nama’ or Tizk-i-Timuri (or stop pretending you didn’t already.)

the capitals of Muslim India rotated between cities like Delhi and Agra, but conversion proceeded most widely on the fringes of these empires, in what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh. This is like saying the Roman Empire imposed Christianity and Christian populations were found farthest from the centre of imperial power. 

Yes, the political capital centred around Delhi and Agra, but that’s not where the invaders came from. That wasn’t the epicentre of Islam. Pakistan wasn’t the fringes of the empire; that was the actual route they came from. They had to have a stronghold there first before coming to central India. Similarly, the Greater Bengal was the land of rich natural resources just before it wasn’t possible to proceed any further due to the natural boundaries of the region, and hence that area did get ‘special attention’ of the invaders too.

Further, under Muslim rule, India became increasingly wealthy

False. India was already extremely wealthy. Muslim invaders didn’t come here looking for empty lands to graze their cattle, they came here to loot the riches of India. Remember Mahmud Gazni and his numerous rampages of Somnath temple through Rajasthan? Heard of the Golden Multan under Hindu kings?


Under the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal, some 30 percent of this Muslim dynasty’s nobility were not Muslim.

Implying some 70% were Muslim. But wait, didn’t you just say “Muslims were never more than a minority and Islam was never imposed by force.” Short term memory loss?

If Muslims were savages bent on perpetual terror, by what moronic logic would they arm their enemies, teach them to fight and incorporate them into their armies?………Hindu king named Shivaji, who was finally captured and defeated by the Mughals’ senior most general, whose name was Jai Singh – he, too, was not a Muslim.

Yes, India has had her share of Jai Singhs, Jaichands and Mir-Jafars and we are sure not proud of them. Also, you’re just pointing out that the Mughals were more imperialists than jihadists. But the Islamic invasion in India doesn’t start or end with the Mughals. Mohammad bin Qasim, Mahmud Gazni, Mohammad Ghouri, Qutbuddin Aybak and his Ghulam (Mamluk) lineage, Temur-Lang, Nadir Shah….

Many of the territories conquered, ruled or dominated by Muslims, such as Central Asia, North Africa and Arabia were comparatively empty

Egypt (Misr), Sumer and Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Persia all were cradles of early civilisations; not ‘comparatively empty’ pieces of land (unless you are comparing them to modern day India)

Muslim dynasties never touched the Americas, Australia or East Asia..

Ofcourse, you are talking about 1600s as the end of ‘Muslim daynasties’ rule and jihad (or the absence thereof). Columbus found America in 1492 and the first economical immigrations to Americas didn’t start happening before 1600s. Captain Cook who discovered Australia wasn’t born until 1728. Islam did spread to East Asia, it was in Mongolia and China as early as A.D. 600s (soon after Islam was establishd) and is presently third largest religion in China. Indonesia and Bali, Malaysia, Brunei, all are Islamic nations. How further east are we counting? Samoa?

the Mongols ended up adopting the religion of the peoples they conquered, whereas the reverse happened early in the Muslim period. 

…But the Islam wasn’t ever forced. Right? Or should I read that even Mongols were milder in comparison?

-First, more Muslims died fighting each other than died in battles against non-Muslim dynasties.
-when the Ottomans were defeated at Vienna in 1683, they were finished off by a charge of Polish Muslim cavalry
How were Muslims who so often fought each other also able to fight everyone else?

Hmm, So they killed each other as well as they killed others; and that’s supposed to mean they were a peace-loving bunch. That’s so comforting to know!

And how come most Muslims live peaceable lives?

Because every human being should. It’s human nature. Religion is extrinsic- human instinct is intrinsic and every single sane human being would like to live a peaceable life; until the extrinsic force manipulates them, that is.

According to Charles Mann’s 1491, which explores the pre-Columbian Americas, nearly 100 million perished during the European “Age of Discovery”, …….  only America has used nuclear weapons, and twice, both times against civilian targets.)

Suddenly ‘We aren’t killers’ argument turns into ‘They’re killers too, not unly us’ in this part. Naaice! Also I like how the author condemns the Nazi as well as the American nukes that finally brought an end to them in the same breath.

The Muslim proportion of the world’s population has accelerated dramatically in the past centuries and continues to do so today; during our 600-1600 AD window, there were far fewer Muslims in the world, proportionally speaking. Which means we have to figure out what everyone else was up to.

I know what everyone else was NOT up to. They were not up to breeding with an agenda to swarm the world. They had other things in life to excel at and achieve.

And the final argument:

What about the people killed by other peoples – or, the biggest killer of all back then – disease and its most vulnerable victims, infants and the young?

So the closing line is; They’re not bad. Not as bad as disease, at least! That’s the best you came with to close your argument, mate?

I couldn’t help notice, the word ‘bigot’ or its function has been used over half a dozen times in the article.



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