1. #Anger is the subject for today. What gets you angry? How do you react to it? How much of control can you exert on yourself?
  2. Own your #Anger. Be the master of your anger; not the slave of it.
  3. You have to be in control of your #Anger. Only you should be able to decide when you get angry and how you act upon it.
  4. People ‘own’ their own love, empathy, happiness etc more possessively, when it comes to #Anger, we tend to dissociate ourselves from it.
  5. To get you angry and to get you to react to something as a result of that #Anger is a great weapon your enemies possess. Don’t surrender.
  6. In all warfare- be it civil/ political/ actual or twitter- getting the opponent’s #Anger to work against themselves is a great strategy.
  7. Politicians use your #Anger– to swing your favours to suit them. Soldiers use the anger to get you out in open to eliminate you easy.
  8. If you observe the ever-increasing twitter fights/ hooliganisms you will see the pattern of #Anger manipulation strategy at work.
  9. More often than not when a side has no substantial argument, they will gang up and ridicule/ annoy you to get your #Anger to force a mistake
  10. I’m not suggesting turning into Buddha and having no #Anger. It’s an important driving force- use it as a catalyst for strategic action.
  11. @bhavinjadav I do feel cheated if some1 manipulates my feelings including anger. but don’t know to give it back in return.
  12. Lord Krishna taught how to control your #Anger and your response to it when he eliminated Shishupal.
  13. Krishna didn’t get provoked by Shishupal at an early minute and make him look like a winner and a martyr of his principle. #Anger
  14. By dictating the timing and level of own response to Shishupal’s provocation, Krishna demonstrated he was the master of the situation #Anger
  15. If someone gets you to love them on a false pretence you feel cheated; Why don’t you feel cheated when someone manipulates your #Anger?
  16. Next time something/someone gets you angry, stop and think; What mistaken response are they trying to evoke out of you? #Anger
  17. Deny them the reaction they want- you chose your own response and the timing of it. Then you’ll have turned the #Anger back on them.
  18. When someone tries to get you angry, they’re anxious too. Timing is of essence. When it fails, they’re frustrated. They implode #Anger
  19. A healthy sense of humour is the best weapon against being manipulated into being angry. If that fails, just timed inaction helps too #Anger
  20. @bhavinjadav so true I had read in Oath of Vayuputras “Anger is ur enemy, control it” I like this thought of controling & not eliminating
  21. . @Dravidict True. The whole existence of Lord Rudra (Not Amish’s version) is based on righteous #Anger used efficiently.
  22. . @Dravidict And Goddess Kali’s mishap with Shiva suggests how disastrous it can be to lose control over your own #Anger– however righteous.


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