Disowned Leader

  1. It’s hilarious how any Muslim that supports Modi even a bit suddenly becomes a ‘lesser Muslim’ to the self-appointed Muslim representatives.
  2. Modi not an untouchable for Muslims: Kalbe Sadiq
  3. So only the pompous and self righteous Muslim leaders are supporting Modi & extracting their pound of flesh! Where are the real leaders?
  4. @SajidBhombal There is no real leader and just “for a few bits of silver, for a ribbon 2 pin on his coat”, so called muslim leaders, lead
  5. Come elections and alleged muslim leaders will put themselves up for auction. The highest bidder can take them home and lock them please !
  6. Someone finds it important to notice that Kalbe Sadiq is a ‘Shia’ leader. Of course, they don’t mean much, right?
  7. Who the hell is this shia Kalbe sadiq?he must b a joker of some sorts.Communal Media:Is Modi not untouchable to muslims? wah!
  8. Quick comes an excuse- “Why would Maulana support Modi? May be only because he was unhappy with SP!”
  9. Maulana Kalbe Sadiq was unhappy with SP bcs of a land issue–Shia cleric rejects honour of Akhilesh government –  http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/article4640835.ece 
  10. Islam aaya tha kaafir ko Musalmaan banana; lekin Mulla ney Musalmaan ko bhi kaafir bana daala.”(Dr. Syed Kalbe Sadiq)
  11. @farrukhhussaini #Kalbe Sadiq means Sadiq ka Kutta, & #Qalbe Sadiq means Sadiq ka Dil, so what’s this?
  12. Seems like Maulana Madni and Maulana KalbeSadiq are in a competition to get the space..
  13. Like they disowned Kalbe Sadiq a few days ago for talking about Modi, I’ll wait if they disown these leaders too… http://www.indianexpress.com/news/in-election-season-muslim-factions-unite-meet-sonia/1188852/0 


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