Corruption and India

During the PG days at the BJMC, if someone was constantly under-performing or inefficient, we used to say there could be two reasons for it- the person in question (termed ‘Ughaad’) was either incompetent (Gadha) or insincere (Chu**ya). Capacity can be built, Sincerity can not.
The Government of India is clearly failing to perform in addressing multiple issues like tackling wide-spread corruption, black money and internal un-rest despite having the means to achieve results at their disposal. With scholars and intellectuals like ManMohan Singh, P. Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjea and Kapil sibbal being in the cabinet- we can’t in our wildest dreams make a mistake of calling this Government Incompetent ‘Gadhaas’- yup you got it!
The corruption rampant in the public offices in India or the Black Money worth the annual budget of some countries stowed in the Swiss banks and similar tax havens are neither new information nor shocking facts to the common Indian now. We have been led to believe all these years that nothing can be done as the Swiss won’t disclose the details of their account holders and because its a country located in general western direction from India with fairer skinned occupants, Government of India possibly can’t exert any type of pressure or force onto them to do so.  Understandably though- India isn’t the only country with people sending their Black Money to vacation in Switzerland, there are other countries too and more importantly the ones in European Union that had some amount of pull over the matters in the region. They devised a loophole in the Swiss banks’ system that can with some effort lead to unravelling of such accounts and their account holders.
This method works this way- Swiss banks offer a very low amount of interest on the deposits (~1.2%), but even this 1.2% sums up to big amounts on huge deposits made. This income through interest is a subject to Tax in Switzerland. Naturally there are records of all the Non- Swiss nationals paying tax in Switzerland Tax offices, and the Swiss Government has agreed with many countries in the European Union to provide the list of these overseas Tax Payers. If India could reach such agreement with Switzerland, we would simply have a list of every Indian paying taxes in Switzerland- and thus a list of every Indian having money stashed in there.
The Swiss Government has actually come forwards and Offered all countries to take an advantage of this window of opportunity as they feel it’s their moral responsibility and are wondering Why isn’t Indian Government doing anything about it?
The Swiss are wondering– Is the present Indian Government a bunch of ‘Gadhaas’ or ‘Chu**yas’?
Check this one-
Is Corruption some Loose Chiller?
There is rampant corruption in India and there’s no denying it. It is not a hidden thing or a taboo anymore. Corruption is spread in each and every practise in India. People have started to get surprised if someone really gets anything done without passing a Favour under the table.
A prime minister received kick-backs for defence purchases in millions and deposits them in Swiss banks, goes unpunished all his life- and his wife and kids are all set to rule the country again for no other qualification to do so except being his wife and kids.
The very CBI that should be responsible for investigation into high level corruption cases makes half-harted fake attempts at getting the Italian middleman for the Bofors scandal (Quattrocchi) and fails twice-  and then on the basis of CBI’s own failure- CBI tells the Interpol to remove him from the Wanted list and allows him access to his funds in British banks that were frozen by a co-operative British Government and bank.
A prime minister facing impeachment in the Parliament buys votes openly, gets caught gets trialled but goes unpunished for it- so do all the Members of Parliament that sold their votes.
An international gaming event is being held in the Capital with shameless corruption in open public eye- and in knowledge of the Government and the Prime Minister goes un-stopped and same organising team is allowed to run the show to the end- only to take action later.
A Hawala runner (Hassan Ali) is caught only after he is 100,000 Crore Rupees over due as Tax to the Government. (If you want to see all the zeroes-  Rs.10,000,000,000,000). Alleged to have links and dealings with the politicians in highest places- especially Sonia Gandhi and others, this man is not even under custody for interrogation. He is only given an order to not leave country and participate with the inquiry- which none of you have any intention or motivation to follow up and will run for next 2 centuries somewhere.
A cabinet minister is involved in the Telecommunication licence distribution scam that makes the Government loose 1.76 lac Crore Rupees (Count zeroes again..Rs.17,600,000,000,000). The scandal was revealed on a retrospective audit, but it turns out that the Prime Minister’s office was always aware of the dealings but didn’t do anything to intervene. Prime Minister himself uses ‘I Didn’t Know’ as his defence and this is accepted!
Only the Hassan Ali and 2Gscam makes the total revenue loss from taxes of Rs. 2.76 lac crore to India. And this is only the Tax loss- not the total money lost towards Black money and sent overseas. 
Put this in perspective- 
  • India’s Health and Family welfare budget for 2010 was only less than 9% of this amount
  • India’s total Defence budget for the year 2010 was only half of this amount
  • India’s net revenue from taxes was expected to be less than 10% of this amount
And we haven’t even started thinking about the small level corruption like the 500Rs you passed to get a driving licence or the 50Rs you pass to the constable to let you go without a helmet.