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New Zealand: Poison in the God’s own land!

Look at these little critters:

These are little Possums. How do you feel about them? Cute? Cuddly? ……………..

Yes, these are considered dangerous in New Zealand and every effort is taking place to try and eradicate them from the wild in New Zealand.

They are not native in NZ, they were introduced because their skin and fur are very soft and very much in demand for fashion accessories. The earlier settlers got them across from Australia and bred them for a bit before leaving them out in the wild so that they could grow in numbers and thrive in the wild on their own without the farmers having to worry about them and later they can hunt them down and harvest their fur and skin. The Possum -Minx is quite costly.

A few years later it was realised that because this is not natural habitat for these animals, their immunity isn’t working well, and hence lots of New Zealand possums fell prey to certain strain of Tuberculosis. This now becomes dangerous- because these animals roam around in the wild and get around the pet animals and animal farms as well, the herds of cow, sheep etc could contract the tuberculosis from them and cause greater outbreaks of the disease.

Tables turned. The authorities decided to cull all the possums, and not allow organised possum farming in New Zealand anymore.  This is easier said than done, as they’ve spread out and wide in the NZ woods, and as there are no native predators they thrive in the wild. The way out?

Poison their food and spread around poisoned pellets in their natural habitats.

Wikipedia information about the poisoning practises

These poisoned pellets of course make their way into local water streams etc because the whole west part of NZ is so wet and almost a network of streams and rivers. The dead carcasses of the possums can be poisonous to dogs/ cats and such pet carnivores.

Welcome to a world of streams and rivers where you can’t just lap up some fresh water and drink, because once again mankind is not at ease with another animal because of a man-made problem and for a solution are poisoning the earth!

Some do adopt slightly varied methods of possum control like laying traps to catch them, but of course they are not as efficient as just poisoning them all!

The farmers are allowed to harvest skin off the possums thus killed and sell them at really high prices again, only if they can state that these were not purpose bred but killed in wild. Now let me be the devil’s advocate here, but if I can’t help thinking there may be some farmers out there who are not interested in actually eradicating the possums completely but rather let them grow, kill them with poison at times and keep the money flowing!

There are groups of environmentalists that object such reckless use of poison to pollute local soils and waters, but after all they are all Hippies and the Authorities don’t listen to the Hippies.

Stop1080 group

Stop1080 Facebook page

May 27, 2012

I shared this blog on the Stop1080 Facebook page and received some interesting responses from both camps; thought should share them here.

Bruce Allen 

That blog is misinformed. No 1080 has been detected in water supplies that could cause a threat to public health. Possums are not an eradication target. Tb is an eradication target. Before you blog crap you should become fully informed of the objectives of Tb and pest control. Best thing is if they were not introduce as possums have been the most economically destructive pest in NZ. Even if the fur price was $1,000 a kg the destruction they cause is not worth it.

Bhavin Jadav 

Talking about being informed- is 1080 an anti-tuberculosis medication or possum killing poison? Did you read somewhere in the blog that the 1080 in the water is causing public health hazard? There is a picture there though- and not I but a New Zealander put up the sign at Pukekura about poison in water.
Ofcourse it was for the best of everyone if they were not introduced, it was human greed that brought them there and it is human greed that is killing them now.

Mary Molloy So sorry that you have to find our filthy secret – We should not be poisoning our country at all – very few possums have TB and they catch it from farm animals, good farming and not 1080 poison solves bovine TB which possums catch from cows in the first place

STOP 1080! Bhavin Jadav It is great to see your blog! You are very welcome on here. Its nice to see someone not from New Zealand to go to such an effort of spreading the awareness of 1080 Thank you 🙂

Bruce Allen STOP1080 are you saying that is a solution?

Bhavin Jadav Thanks for appreciating. I don’t pretend to have answers or solutions here, I’m just a traveller making observations and taking pictures; I have seen far worse insults to nature and earth of course, but when I see a place fit to be heaven and then suddenly get disillusioned by something that doesn’t seem all that pure lying beneath it, it invokes some emotions and I am just sharing them.

STOP 1080! Bruce I’m saying it’s great to see someone out of NZ spreading 1080 awareness.

Tania Wilson Your observation is so correct, we hate the stuff being dropped all over our country.Our country is a poisoning paradise,Its not the 1oo% green at all .Im glad yous are noticing spread the word is as easy as it is for them to drop 1080 poison all over our beautiful country.Thankyou thankyou thank you.

Mary Molloy double thank you – it is emotionally moving to see your appreciation of NZ – you are so right, it could be heaven but it seems to have been high-jacked by a blind group of poisoners – thank you so much for your comments – I hope your travel was overall good in spite of the stupid things we are doing to our country

Weasel Claws 


The Commissioner recommends against a moratorium on 1080 citing the damage that would be done to native forests and animals if such a ban went ahead.

Tania Wilson Weasel everyone knows 1080 kills POISON kills everything,You spend all your time trying to justify it. How many keas, tuis, bellbirds, kiwi, deer, pigs, goats, horses and dogs were killed last year in agonising pain over days?

Weasel Claws Yes Tania I know you haven’t read or understood any of this by your clear lack of knowledge also. Thank you.

Bhavin Jadav 

‎@Weasel Claws I will fake to agree with poisoning a pristine environment before returning to NZ if they make it a Visa requirement.

I don’t have any vote in how they deal with local problems in New Zealand as I am neither a NZ resident nor a stake holder, but let me tell you; It may be Your country, but this is My Earth too. And you are nothing but a faceless troll.

No one can disagree with 1080 being a sort of poison. At certain doses it kills certain animals, at smaller doses at different time-spans it may cause different type of reaction in another animal- including humans. The paper you just cited above also says “the risk of people becoming sick from
drinking water or eating food containing 1080 is very small” – read that again- “VERY SMALL” not “NON-EXISTENT”.

Also from the same document: “Studies with rats have also shown
that prolonged exposure to high doses of 1080 may affect the development of
unborn young”

and that these effects are from ‘controlled experiments in laboratory’ while they can’t comment on what can happen in uncontrolled exposure in the outdoors.

Also read: “Studies of the effect of 1080 on rats, ferrets, ducks, starlings, lizards, and
invertebrates have shown that repeated non-lethal doses of 1080 can damage
organs such as the heart, muscles and testes”

So, do something about this before you loose your balls!