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Devil’s advocate: Ahmedabad BMW ‘hit and run’ case

Let me make it clear to start with- This is not an exercise for placing blames, finding victims and culprits and bringing justice; this is only an observation into how irrationally we react as a society and how the reporting and journalism related to these cases is largely jingoistic and even with appearances of dubious intentions for questionable reasons.

“A speeding car hits a bike crossing on the wrong side of the road with 2 riders, one dies instantly, car collides with a tree, driver escapes with minor injuries and runs away from the scene only to present himself to the police 3 days later. The second occupant of the bike also died in the hospital”

That much is the piece of information in the whole incidence; but if you follow the regional newspapers and their coverage of the story online and in print edition so many different things add noise to this.

  • Car was running at 150Km/h speed.
    • What’s the source of this number? No one knows. 
  • The driver may have been drunk
    • Possible. Also doubtful as no immediate sampled available. 
  • The car is a BMW, the father of the driver is a super rich doctor with connections with Ketan Desai, Dawood Ibrahim and all, The driver himself was involved in some fake-share scams earlier on, The driver and his father are both fond of fast cars, foreign trips and expensive lifestyle….
    • What bearing does this have on this case? Is it a crime just to be rich? If the media knew of all these irregularities with this families in this intricate detail why were they not reporting on them independently earlier? All this can’t be product of new intelligence gained in just 3 days after this accident! The answer is: very likely the media always knew about all this, but just didn’t have the right amount of leverage to gain mileage or didn’t have blackmail potential before this. Now that the fish is on the hook, they are playing with it and reeling in as much as they can.
  • Some neighbourhood organisations have organised a ‘Bandh’ for the area and have also started petitions to demand ‘toughest’ punishment for the car driver
  • There are mobs out on streets asking for the driver to be hanged, there was even a lynch mob at the court to beat him up (which was reported in a bit of celebratory tone by most newspapers).
Are you for real Ahmedabad?
There is no basis for 150KmPh speed claim. Just a random number someone pulled out of no where. It was sure a fast running car if you look at the video. There are systems of finding out the speed with video as well as analysis of the car. It’s much easier with higher spec cars like BMW because of availability of specific collision models and studies that they have to do before marketing a model. Do some real journalism and find out about all that.
The fact that the car collided first with the bike, then braked and then hit a tree and still the driver escaped with no or minor injuries (a sprained wrist, one paper reported) means he may have been wearing a seatbelt. 
The Bikers were clearly crossing to the wrong side where they shouldn’t have. (ideal place of crossing is After the middle- circle at the intersection and that too after taking a halt and stopping to see both sides to make sure its all clear). The bikers went on the wrong side from un expected entry, didn’t stop to check for oncoming traffic. Were they wearing any helmets? Hard to see on the dark video but probably not. Why is there no reporting on this in the papers?

They said someone came in a car and drove the boy who was driving the car away from the spot. What was the area population that was quick on calling Bandh later at that time? Did anyone go to the spot and check on him? Did they stop him from running away?
Also, in places like India, what option does one have if not run away from there? Wouldn’t he be scared that he would’ve been killed by the lynch mob right there and then if he stayed; the same lynch mob that is collecting signatures asking for him to be hanged now? 

It is a tragic loss for the families of bikers and no young person should lose life on roads, but avoiding accidents and taking charge and responsibility of your life is your own duty and responsibility and you should do it at all times. You will make sure to do everything to protect your own life if you understand your own worth. These young people should have. May God give their families the ability to cope with their loss. But, you can’t go asking for blood for blood for road accidents. It’s not a crime to be rich and own a BMW. Its a crime to drive reckless (of which bikers are more at fault than the car) and to overspeed, and I’m sure the investigations will take course and the car driver will be punished for that, but I hope he doesn’t get sacrificed on the altar for the rich for driving an expensive car.