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Christmas Bokeh

Christmas is just around the corner and that reminds me of this little village called Lobethal in the Adelaide hills. Lobethal is famous locally for their festive Christmas lights and decorations. I’ve been going to Lobethal last couple of years for just a drive by to see the lights and shake hands with locals including the one constant house that has a fully dressed Santa every year.

The festive lightings are a great chance at trying out some Bokeh photography- I’ve tried a couple with foreground interest, but even with no foreground object of focus the Bokeh abstracts can be quite amusing due to the patterns and colours that you can find.

<untitled> 2

Say hello to Dwij. This cute button is a friend’s son. A lovely portrait of his beautiful black eyes gets a bit of bokeh treatment at the back.

Some more of just pure bokeh images: <untitled> 18

<untitled> 16

<untitled> 14

<untitled> 12

<untitled> 10