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Walk through a winery in Barossa: South Australia

Earlier this year the Adelaide Camera Club organised a photo-meet in the Barossa- the world famous wine region of South Australia. The plan was to meet up at the Langmeil winery and walk through to the Peter Lehmann winery. Both these are highly esteemed winemakers of the region. Langmeil is one of the oldest wineries in the region I was told.

They opened their little tool shed and a special cellar for us to have some indoor shots, but there was plenty to do around- walk through the vines, see some birds, and then sample the cheese and meat platter at the Lehmann’s restaurant.

The walk through the greens:

Birds around; I’m sure there’ll be more at better times- we were there late morning to early afternoon making it the worst time for birds as well as photography due to flat light.

In and around the old shed:

And finally in the cellar itself:

Its just amazing to know that I live just an hour’s drive from this beautiful place. Cheers!

-Adelaide Camera Club
-Langmeil Winery
-Peter Lehmann Winery

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