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Petty corruption, means to ends?

Q: How do you shame a doctor in government service?

A: You plant petty corruption charges against him, that’s the worst personality sabotage in the government job machinery.

Bureaucrats are immune to this, they have developed the quitessential rhino-hide that deflects all charges of personal or financial corruption, but the doctors in the government machinery are not quite there in their brazen insensitivity.

The fact is though, if you want to really shame them  they have to be caught for a very small amount of corruption for some petty work. If a govt official is accused of high-grade corruption, bribing up in millions or even thousands, that’s not shameful for them. That just increases their influence in the relevant circles and makes them famous. (Badnaam bhi hue to kya naam na hua!)

And thus, when I see a line in news paper that one of the medical officers/ civil surgeons etc was ‘Caught red-handed taking a bribe of 10Rs for providing fake medical certificate’ I know that
1- The doctor was likely corrupt (this may not always be true)
2- That that doctor had somehow disturbed ranks in passing the buck upwards and has copped it finally.

One of these doctors was once caught on one of these petty charges in a frame-up. Let’s call him Dr.ABC. He was placed under suspension. While talking of suspension, let me tell you not all corrupt government officials mind being suspended; especially doctors. While under suspension they can continue full time private practise and still receive a part of their salary without actually going to work, and they know for sure that their case is going to drag on in the departmental inquiry and such proceedings for years until someone loses interest and declares them innocent because that’s just what you do, and then they get back-dated pay for all these years (Jackpot!) and can choose to go back to work or not!

So Dr. ABC was held for some petty corruption charges, the inquiry went on and eventually he paid someone higher up in the food chain some more bribe and eventually he was let off and all charges dropped.

Someone asked: “Hey Dr.ABC, you should’ve refrained from indulging yourself in all those bribery and corrupt practices and you wouldn’t have had to go through all this headache and humiliation”

Dr. ABC said: “Dear Mr. Naive, if I didn’t gather all that money from bribes all life long I wouldn’t have gotten out so easy!”

Top That!!