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  1. This was from a boss of mine Mr MS about dealing with conflicts in hospital working environment. (More common than you’d believe) .1
  2. “When faced with aggressive conflict, never retort with aggression. Aggression is one thing that Will be criticized and punished” 2
  3. “Technical superiority, strength of argument, compassion, patient care…. Everything takes a backstage when aggression is punished” .3
  4. “Stop, think and make the opposite party realize their flaws. Ridicule them, belittle them passively, that’s all valid.” .4
  5. “When you fight aggression with aggression, both parties become the devil, leaving the Authority the final decision” .5
  6. “When only one party has been aggressive, the non aggressive one can’t be reprimanded make severely” .6
  7. “When you use witty sarcasm against an aggressive person s/he feels like a bug splattered across the windshield” .7
  8. “Condescension is an excellent weapon against aggression” .8