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The incomparably great humility!

  1. Strolling around Delhi airport’s T3 terminal.Checked out book shop,bought a magazine for the flight.Avoided the VIP lounge.Thank God
  2. Going to Delhi airport for the flight to Kolkata.As usual,no lal batti car,no using the VIP gate or kicking a fuss.Thank God
  3. Dear @quizderek , I tell you a story about the King Bhartuhari. /1
  4. Bhartuhari was the King of Malwa- presiding over 92 Lac villages. Very popular, a scholar. @quizderek /2
  5. Rishi Gorakh wanted Bhartuhari to quit his kingdom and be his disciple; he inspired the king to a Maha Yagya for that. @quizderek /3
  6. As per rule of that Yagya, Bhartuhari had to forfeit all that was his- he let go of his kingdom & went to live in a tent @quizderek /4
  7. In his humble tent, Bhartuhari and his family were having a simple Khichdi for dinner when Gorakh wanted to test him. @quizderek /5
  8. Just before they could start dinner, Gorakh appeared & asked for alms. King said he had nothing to spare! @quizderek /6
  9. Then Gorakh brought to his attention that the king had Khichdi “Can’t you give me your Khichdi?” Gorakh asked @quizderek /7
  10. To this Bhartuhari said “Sure I can! I have given away my kingdom of 92 Lac villages, what’s giving up Khichdi to me?” @quizderek /8
  11. And to this, Gorakh said “You still haven’t given away your arrogance about what you’ve given away; your Yagya has failed” @quizderek /9
  12. Gorakh reinstated Bhartuhari to his kingdom as he clearly wasn’t ready for being his disciple yet. @quizderek /10