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Perception management on the social media.

  1. Indian media and think tanks are infiltrated by ISI  http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/isi-infiltrates-indian-think-tanks-and-the-media/ cereviorsoraggiantesi-infiltrates-indian-think-tanks-and-the-media/ via @orsoraggiante
  2. ‘Perception Management’ is the only important word out of the article I just tweeted. It’s important; very important!
  3. You see people on Social Media, Mainstream Media etc that you think are ‘Paid’ media or propagandists.
  4. They say the same things- however fabricated or blatant lies- over and over again. Often even out of context!
  5. Why are they doing this? Because they are the students of the same ‘Goebbels’ thy keep quoting.
    They are manipulating your perception.
  6. We’ve heard the story of how the thugs relieved the Brahmin of a goat by repeatedly telling him it’s a dog.
    The tactics have evolved since.
  7. Tactic 1- Repeat. Lie, rinse, repeat!
    In different ways, in different contexts, in different arguments; they keep repeating the lies.
  8. Tactic 2- Quote. They don’t have to quote genuine truth- they just have to quote other liars like themselves. A quote makes lies believable.
  9. Tactic 3- Reference. They’d bring the propaganda they want to push in entirely unrelated subjects. You say ‘African Rhino’, they say Modi!
  10. Tactic 4- Humor. It’s hard to criticize humor, risk is being called out for lack of wit/ sense of humor. But the weapon is powerful!
  11. Tactic 4- Humor. Humor is often used to further the propaganda. Ridiculing the opposition is a good weapon when substance is lacking.
  12. Tactic 5- Putting up a facade of being genuine. Its done by every now and then by putting forwards a side of self unrelated to the motive.
  13. Tactic 5- When you are apparently monotonous, you lose attention or credit. Frequent variation of focus creates illusion of being genuine.
  14. Tactic 6- Assuming authority. This doesn’t have to be in the area you are pushing propaganda for, weirdly enough. We humans worship success.
  15. Tactic 6- e.g. Gandhi was a leader, but people follow his views on Home remedies too! We assume a person good in A would be good with B-Z.
  16. A certain bot pretends to be a wise market analyst- that secondarily increases her credibility in commenting social/political issues.
  17. Tactic 7- Herd. Everyone knows this. They have a lot of ‘pretend friends’. Who knows, may be just in the next cubicle!
  18. Tactic 7- it’s important for them to look like they are wide apart in the world and only connected by ideology. This increases value of idea
  19. Tactic 8- Annoy. Be obnoxious. The propagandists are remunerated by the impact made. The impact doesn’t have to be pleasant or positive.
  20. Tactic 8- When having no original material to push, annoying vulnerable targets brings out chain reaction. You get angry, they get paid!
  21. It’s unrealistic to assume they get remunerated by number of tweets posted. That’s create a lot of low impact noise. Their bosses disapprove
  22. They get remunerated by ‘Impact’ or ‘Influence’. Even if you abuse them for their views, you’ve just been ‘Influenced’ by them.
  23. Every comeback, argument, retweet, favorite, even abuse to them increases their ‘Klout’ score. That’s their ‘professional report card’!
  24. Tactic 9- Distract. When someone is making an undeterred narrative or a winning argument, this dirty trick comes into play. It’s teamwork!
  25. Nothing messes with their head like an undeterred independent opinion. A team of them will descend upon you- discouraging, ridiculing you.
  26. They will distract you by poking your weak spots. Personal insults, Past arguments, Bringing in your family/friends/employers etc.
  27. One of the easier way for them to distract you is to get an absolute idiot on their side to argue with you. This gets you tempted to react.
  28. They know- the idiot on their side isn’t there to win an argument; he’s there to lose it while distracting your narrative.
  29. Tactic 10- Play to the audience! If you live in Vietnam but push propaganda in Israel, you’ll have to work Israel Standard Time. ;-D
  30. You’d have to know the peak twitter activity time for your target audience. Usually after office hours. Apply timezones and play!!
  31. What do you have to do to deter these ‘perception management’ pests- or simply put ‘paid propagandists’?
    Neglect & Make your own narrative.
  32. Don’t get tempted into winning an argument. Stay on your path. An independent narrative is stronger tool than an argument won.
  33. That’s the end of rant. #Gyaan. Feel free to contribute if I’m missing.