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  1. I went for a drive around #Juhapura as promised to @brownbrumby . Will post some photos. May be @madhukishwar will find them interesting too
  2. #Juhapura is a Muslim dominant suburb of Ahmedabad. Many have been crying foul about it not getting any ‘Development’ from Modi.
  3. #Juhapura is not a new settlement, it’s been a muslim dominant area for a long time. ‘Sarkhej Roja’ made in 1400s isn’t far.
  4. Most of the interiors of #Juhapura are town-planning nightmare due to hundreds of years old dense population.
  5. More Muslims migrated to #Juhapura after 2002 riots- if you call moving house within the same city as ‘Migration’.
  6. Board saying ‘Saare Jahan se achha Hindustan hamara’. #Juhapura cordially welcomes you. pic.twitter.com/pxuXYoObpoObpo
  7. Hey, did you notice? The board has paint coming off and legs bent. Tcha! #BlowToModi #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/eCdBFIohZfohZf
  8. There are more than one Municipal Bus stands, the buses numbered in the top circle service the area. #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/J2ik2aZIfjZIfj
  9. Lot of construction/ development activity in #Juhapura. This is a completed Mall, not functional yet. pic.twitter.com/wSzQpZ4pCC4pCC
  10. A communal hall, a cheap hotel, a dentist clinic, a very crowded area. #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/dgDZ8YiNsmiNsm
  11. A community ‘drinking water’ service. By far, this is the most life-threatening thing I found in #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/mMIz8Z8tiH8tiH
  12. A physiotherapy clinic and a tuition institute, and some shops. #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/VktfCMv0AWv0AW
  13. Green Gym in the ‘Green Plaza’. Also have some Falooda and Bhajiya on your way out. #Juhapura pic.twitter.com/uLOswY0ciE0ciE
  14. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation waste collection vehicles also roam around in #Juhapura threatening the poor Muslims. pic.twitter.com/kZxtEdQKoJQKoJ
  15. Hey, there’s a school too! In #Juhapura. Can you believe it? Also teaching in Gujarati and English- not Urdu!! pic.twitter.com/f2HHk5oWXVoWXV
  16. Lot of construction on- there are sure plans for quick population growth. You can see the target customers #Jujapura pic.twitter.com/309txFgwDGgwDG
  17. More construction projects coming up in Sarkhej- next to #Juhapura. pic.twitter.com/L2sQt15or55or5
  18. A physiotherapy centre, a Children’s hospital, a cyber cafe…#Juhapura pic.twitter.com/EAiIiNZzEkZzEk
  19. Poor little dude’s cycle got punctured. Little girl in Burqa helping him carry it to repairers. #Juhapura Cute! pic.twitter.com/l63MkK7AAm7AAm
  20. I ended my visit praying at the Sarkhej Roja and took many pics in there. For laters. #Juhapura. pic.twitter.com/1HGxYcwLKBwLKB
  21. I guess we should congratulate Haji Israr Mirza- the Congress Municipal Corporator for #Juhapura. #BlowToModi
  22. End of #Juhapura pics, and What a response!! Sorry, these were not Photographic quality pics, was just clicking away from the car.