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Cryogenic Engine: The ‘Patriot’ games?

“Naughty boy has become obedient” – said S Ramakrishnan (Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre) when India’s home-made cryogenic engine was successfully tested in January 2014 after two decades of work that ISRO put into it.

If ISRO wasn’t demoralized by the CBI and IB fabricating espionage charges against India’s own scientists, we’d have had this cryogenic engine a decade ago- say other ISRO scientists.

Dr.Nambi Narayanan

Over 20 years ago, India could have received the cryogenic engine technology from Russia, if only USA didn’t meddle into the affairs and prevent Russia from giving the technology to India. India received Russian made cryogenic engines instead, but no technology. It was this time that Dr. Nambi Narayanan– an ISRO scientist- endeavored to bring some important components from Russia so that ISRO could work on developing cryogenic technology at home. Now you’d think that the government of India would have done everything possible to facilitate Dr. Narayanan’s efforts to bring these components in to India. What happened was entirely different.

Air India- the Indian government owned airlines- refused to bring the components in to  India because ‘US would be unhappy with it’. Russian airlines operators were used to bring some components in to India.

Not much later, Dr. Narayanan was arrested from his home on charges of espionage by IB and spent nearly 50 days in detention and faced torture at the hands of our own intelligence departments for the charges of ‘Selling cryogenic technology to Russia’. This would sound ridiculous to anyone else because Russia was the one who already had the technology and India was the one that needed it, but our ‘intelligence agencies’ didn’t get flustered by distracting factors like mere facts and logic in carrying out the orders of some ‘hidden powers’.

Those hidden powers allegedly were of CIA (USA) according to most logical speculations, (even Pakistan media suggests this!) but IB and CBI are handled by Government of India and also given direction by the state governments.

  • India at the time (1994) had P V Narasimha Rao led Congress government.
  • Dr. Nambi Narayanan was arrested from his house in Kerala. The state government of  Kerala at the time was Congress government.
  • R B Sreekumar (the same one who was posted to Gujarat in April 2002 after Feb 2002 riots and who started to build media ruckus against Narendra Modi) is alleged to be behind the fabrications by Dr. Narayanan himself.

Dr. Nambi Narayanan was eventually exonerated of all charges after full investigations by CBI and depositions in front of the supreme court. He was granted a 10 Lac Rs compensation through the Human Rights commission efforts.

The two plants that were placed named ‘Mariyam Rasheeda’ and ‘Fauzia Hassan’- playing the part of spies from Maldives that defected to ISI (Pakistan) received bail but stayed in jail according to the reports due to lack of Indian sureties.  Mariyam says she was merely planted into a false case because she didn’t submit to a certain police inspector’s advances. As the cases have fallen flat and she was found to not have been a spy, you’d want to believe her story, won’t you? Do I see our ‘human rights’ activists and ‘minority rights’ workers shedding tears for these two women??

The Kerala cops and IB officers involved in fabrication of the case against Dr. Narayanan never received any punishment but rather promotions, further ‘strategic postings’ and post-retirement portfolios.

Air India, IB- continue to be our Govt controlled national institutes.

Sreekumar received Govt of India’s medal for distinguished service and continues to be in lime-light for ‘Anti-Modi’ tirade.

Sibi Mathew retired as DGP and held a post-retirement consultancy job from Kerala Government, stays a patron of the regional Christianity missions and did his part in ‘management’ of Suryanelli rape case.

Dr. Narayanan received his compensation of Rs 10 Lac in 2012 (Kerala Government had stayed NHRC’s order until then).

Rs. 10 Lac- the cost of wasting a brilliant and patriotic scientist’s years, submitting him to defamation and torture and above all, delaying the cryogenic technology of India by a decade!