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NZ Day 9: Lake Tekapo; The Church of the good shepherd

The Church of Good Shepherd neat Lake Tekapo is arguably the most photographed church in New Zealand for obvious reasons. Its a simple stone-building lying next to the lake with beautiful views through the altar window and everywhere around. Ofcourse its excessively popular spot for weddings as well and resultantly very busy location for weddings and has to be booked well in advance.

A few vistas around the church:


This little visitor wasn’t much interested in the wedding neither was impressed by the church

A little distance from the church stands the statue of the Shepherd Dog- a tribute to obviously the shepherd dogs of the region as the area depends hugely on its livestock and the shepherd dogs form a very important part of the lives of the local farming and shepherd communities.

Sadly, the respect for the Shepherd Dog is lost on the drunk bridesmaids that are not necessarily from shepherding families as visible in this next picture:

It will take a panorama again to really appreciate how majestic this place is: Click on the pictures to view it in larger size.

If  you blow this picture large you’ll realize the little error- the bride moved between two clicks, so she’s in two places in this shot.