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Gandhi gave us freedom without violence. Bullshit.

  1. By crediting Gandhi and his ‘non-violent’ movement for India’s freedom we do a great amount of injustice to the hordes of others who strived
  2. Saying Gandhi and his ‘non violence’ bought us freedom is an insult to the sacrifices of all other predecessors and contemporaries of him.
  3. The way Indian history is projected, only Gandhi was a success. Bose, Bhagat, Everyone at the Jaliyanwala Baug or 1857 were all failures.
  4. “Gandhi bought us freedom without shedding a drop of blood” – Yes dear, the group at the Jaliyanwala Baug was just a suicide cult!!
  5. Gandhi was planted by the players like Nehru to give an ostentatious ‘ideal’ to the common man of India while they rule.
  6. @bhavinjadav Do you think anything artificially planted could be so deep-rooted?
  7. @FrmUnderground Yes. India didn’t have this large and this educated mass of population then and media was limited and controllable.
  8. Everyone was expected to follow Gandhi’s principles of simple living, quiet endurance and resilience. Ever wonder why Nehru didn’t follow?
  9. @bhavinjadav Somehow disliking him has always made me a bit guilty, but i see him as manipulator:(
  10. “You shouldn’t complain about not having enough food; look at Gandhi!”
  11. “You shouldn’t complain about not having enough clothes to protect your body; look at Gandhi!”
  12. “You shouldn’t ask for comforts, infrastructure, amenities, modern medicine, industries, employment….Look at Gandhi!!”
  13. Gandhi was and is a wrong role-model for a growing nation. This ideal changes India from being ‘Aspiring nation’ to ‘Resilient nation’.
  14. Show me One Indian except Gandhi who has embraced a complete Gandhian way of life and contributed anything of importance to the nation.
  15. @bhavinjadav vinoba bhave, baba amte, SunderlalBahuguna, ChandiPrasadBhat, BrijKrishnaChandiwala, MalatiDeviChoudhury  http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Gandhians i/Category:…
  16. @medrites These were great people in their own right and did do their best, but what of their legacy do we see in India as a nation?